Clara Hernandez is a California-based photographer that specializes in portrait and street photography.

During her five-year-long career, Hernandez has created over 120 award-winning shots. She is a two-time winner of the prestigious CA’s Award of Excellence.

Ever since she was a little girl, Hernandez was interested in photography. Born and raised in San Francisco Bay, she was fascinated by the hilly San Francisco一its Victorian houses and the Golden Gate Bridge. She loved walking up and down the hilly streets and just looking at people. When Hernandez was just five years old, she got her first camera. Not long after, young Hernandez decided to pursue a career in photography.

What makes Hernandez’s work so recognizable is that she is always trying to create beautiful, vibrant images. She tends to capture raw, human emotions without using too many props, and she makes the subjects feel relaxed during the shoot.

To see the most prominent of Hernandez’s work, be sure to check out the Work page.